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The Twilight Zone Vortex Light Cone

Twilight Zone

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twilight zone noun
An area of ambiguity between two distinct states or conditions: a twilight zone between light and dark.

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television show hosted by Rod Serling

"There is a fifth internal linkdimension, beyond that which is known to man.  It is realm as vast as space, and as timeless, as internal linkinfinity.  It is the middle ground between internal linklight and shadow;  between science and superstition;  and it lies between the pit of man's fear, and the summit of his knowledge.  These are dimensions of the internal linkimagination... it is an area which we call... The Twilight Zone."


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the film _Twilight Zone - The Movie_

Twilight Zone - The Movie

  Twilight Zone - The Movie (1983)

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Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)

Directed by Joe Dante
                  John Landis

Writing credits Rod Serling
 (television ...)
 John Landis

Genre: Adventure / internal linkSci-Fi

Cast overview, first billed only:
Dan Aykroyd  .... Ambulance Driver
Albert Brooks  .... Driver
Vic Morrow .... Bill
Doug McGrath .... Larry
Charles Hallahan  .... Ray
Kai Wulff   .... German Officer
Sue Dugan  .... Waitress No. 1
Debby Porter .... Waitress No. 2
Steven Williams   .... Bar Patron
Annette Claudier  .... French Mother
Joseph Hieu  .... Vietnamese
Al Leong  .... Vietnamese
Stephen Bishop  .... Charming G.I.
Thomas Byrd .... G.I.
Vincent J. Isaac .... G.I.

Country: USA
internal linkLanguage: English
Color: Color (Technicolor)
Sound Mix: internal linkDolby
Certification: USA:PG / UK:15 / internal linkFinland:K-12 / Germany:16 / Sweden:15

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Persistence Of Vision

"Persistence Of Vision" was the name of the production company that brought you the second iteration of _The Twilight Zone_ tv show in the internal linkeighties. their logo was The Eye Of internal linkHorus streaking from right to left.

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The Misfits
horror internal linkpunk band The Misfits

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we're not alone in the twilight zone... keep it simple.
internal linkCrop Circle 7/15/95 Cissbury Ring

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Mindfield - Odyssey Of The Mind Cornelius - Point

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track _The Twilight Zone_ by internal linkRush off of _2112_ 12"atomjacked inventory cache

Rush - 2112
Where Is Everybody?
Twilight Zone - Stopover In A Quiet Town - look up! Twilight Zone - Stopover In A Quiet Town - a big hand Twilight Zone - Stopover In A Quiet Town - gian girl, not boy


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Haloes were found, at the landing sites, vanishing
Vanishing victims, kept alive on metal examining tables
Ex-Experts baffled they could survive the caustic exposure
to laser scalpels,internal linkgreen berets
internal linkFlowing cold heads in mechanical wombs
Radioactive constant temperature circular appendages
Cripples start shaking sending distress signals
We're not alone in the Twilight Zone
            "They waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[Kool Keith] Keep it simple!
*scratched* "They waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[Kool Keith] Keep it simple!
 - _Dr. Octagon_ byinternal linkDr. Octagon off of _Dr. Octagonecologyst_ CDbatomjacked inventory cache

Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst

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release _The Age Of Aquarius_ by The 5th Dimension

5th Dimension - The Age Of Aquarius

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first mention of Twilight Zone in internal linkUsenet:

Subject: internal linkSF-LOVERS Digest V3 #135
Newsgroups: fa.sf-lovers
Date: 1981-06-01 05:16:22 PST

SF-LOVERS PM Digest     Saturday, 30 May 1981     Volume 3 : Issue 135

Today's Topics:
                    SF Fandom - James H. Schmitz,
       SF Movies - Outland,  SF TV - Twilight Zone Mini-Fest &
 Gerry Anderson Productions (UFO and Space: 1999 and The Protectors),
SF Topics - Children's TV (Gerry Anderson Productions and Supercar and
   Fireball XL5 and Stingray and Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet)

Date: 29 May 1981 12:55 PDT
From: Newman.ES at PARC-MAXC
Subject: Twilight Zone Mini-Fest at UCLA, June 1

For Twilight Zone fans in the LA area:

Three half-hour episodes will be shown at UCLA's Melnitz Hall auditorium on Monday, June 1 at 5:30 p.m.  Titles of the episodes are "Escape Clause", "Steel", and "Mirror Image".


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