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twisted double helix

"crawling chaos underground, cult has summoned twisted sound"
- Metallica - _The Thing That Should Not Be_ (1986)

This nOde last updated March 12th, 2006 and is permanently morphing...
(11 K'an (Lizard) / 2 K'umk'u - 24/260 -

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twist (twîst) verb
twisted, twisting, twists verb, transitive
1.a. To wind together (two or more threads, for example) so as to produce a single strand. b. To form in this manner: twist a length of rope from strands of hemp.
2.To wind or internal linkcoil (vines or rope, for example) about something.
3.To interlock or interlace: twist flowers in one's hair.
4.To make (one's way) in a tortuous manner: twisted my way through the briar patch.
5.To turn so as to face another direction: twisted their heads around at the sound of the doorbell.
6.To impart a spiral or coiling shape to, as by turning the ends in opposite directions: twisting internal linkwire into a internal linkloop.
7.a. To turn or open by turning: twisted off the bottle cap. b. To pull, break, or snap by turning: twist off a dead branch.
8.To wrench or sprain: twist one's wrist.
9.To alter the normal aspect of; contort: twist one's mouth into a wry internal linksmile.
10.To alter or distort the internal linkintended meaning of: The cross-examiner twisted the words of the witness. See synonyms at distort.
11.To alter or distort the mental, moral, or emotional character of: The trauma twisted the child's outlook.

verb, intransitive
1.To be or become twisted.
2.To move or progress in a winding course; meander: The river twisted toward the sea.
3.To squirm; writhe: twist with pain.
4.To rotate or revolve.
5.To internal linkdance the twist.
6.To move so as to face in another direction.

1.Something twisted or formed by twisting, especially:. a. A length of yarn, cord, or thread, especially a strong silk thread used mainly to bind the edges of buttonholes. b. Tobacco leaves processed into the form of a rope or roll. c. A loaf of bread or other bakery product made from pieces of dough twisted together. d. A sliver of citrus peel twisted over or dropped into a beverage for flavoring.
2.The act of twisting or the condition of being twisted; a spin, twirl, or rotation.
3.Sports. a. A complete rotation of the body around its vertical axis, as in diving and gymnastics. b. A spinning motion given to a ball when thrown or struck in a specific way.
4.a. The state of being twisted into a spiral; torsional stress or strain. b. The degree or angle of torsional stress.
5.a. A contortion or distortion of the body, especially the face. b. A distortion of meaning: gave my words a misleading twist.
6.A sprain or wrench, as of an ankle.
7.A change in direction; a turn: a sharp twist in the path.
8.An unexpected change in a internal linkprocess or a departure from a pattern, often producing a distortion or perversion: a twist of fate; a story with a quirky twist.
9.A personal inclination or eccentricity; a penchant or flaw: an odd twist to his character.
10.A dance characterized by vigorous gyrations of the hips and arms.

- idiom.
twist (someone's) arm Slang.
To coerce by or as if by physical internal linkforce: If you twist my arm, I'll stay for a second beer.

[Middle English twisten, from twist, a divided object, fork, rope, from Old English -twist.]
- twist´abil´ity noun
- twist´able adjective
- twist´ingly adverb
- twist´y adjective

twisted (adjective)

distorted: mangled, buckled, twisted, wrinkled, gnarled, convoluted
convoluted: convoluted, twisted, contorted, intorted, distorted
biased: biased, warped, twisted, swayed
imperfect: warped, twisted, distorted, deformed
unsightly: grotesque, twisted, deformed, disfigured, distorted

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The internal linkshamans themselves understand very clearly the meaning of these metaphors and they call them 'tsai yoshtoyoshto', literally "language-twisting-twisting."   Graham Townsley translates this expression as "twisted internal linklanguage."

Cosmic Serpent DNA twisted double helix

The word 'twist' has the same root as 'two' and 'twin'.  'Twisted' means, technically, "double and wrapped around itself."

Why do Yaminahua shamans talk in twisted language?  According to one of them:  "With my koshuiti I want to see - singing, I carefully examine things - twisted language brings me close but not too close - with normal words I would crash into things - with twisted ones I circle around them - I can see them clearly. "

For Townsley, all shamanic relations with the spirits are "deliberately constructed in an elliptical and multi-referential fashion so as to mirror the refractory nature of the beings who are their objects."  He concludes:  "internal linkYoshi are internal linkreal beings who are both 'like and not like' the things they animate.  They have no stable or unitary nature and thus, paradoxically, the 'seeing as' of 'twisted language' is the only way of adequately describing them.  Metaphor here is not improper naming but the only proper naming possible."

- Jeremy Narby - internal link_Cosmic Serpentinternal linkDNA And The Origins Of Knowledge_atomjacked inventory cache

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internal link604 label Twisted
owner: internal linkSimon Posford

Simon Posford

_Dementertainment_ compilation CDbatomjacked inventory cache

internal linkMemeflow: _Decentertainment_ compilation of illbient tracks
"decentertainment" is a term the group has coined to describe the type of event they prefer to stage, which is based on the idea of "decentering" the internal linkfocus away from the performers and creating a "fully immersive omnisensorial environment."

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Demented on Twisted
_Demented_ compilation (2000)

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_Eclipse - A Journey Of Permanence And Impermanence_ compilation


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internal link_Digital Mystery Tour_ on internal linkTwisted (internal link2001)

Digital Mystery Tour Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour

internal linkD.M.T. are:

STEF HOLWECK : At the heart of the project Stef got everybody together and has kept the internal linkenthusiasm going for their first gig, due to take place on the web.
LOIC VANPOUCK: The man behind Totally Eclipsed Recordings and a member of internal linkTOTAL ECLIPSE he now lives in Ibiza.
MICHIO BABA: Electronic music teacher in Tokyo. He is a computer freak, spending his tie putting PC bits together to get the best performing machine possible.
FLORIEN SERIOT: Leader of the group Toires he visits the Sahara desert as much as he can and takes most of his inspiration from the Gnawa tribes.
GUILLAUME THEVENIN: Multi instrumentalist from Bordeaux,  while still conserving the traditional sound of the band Toires he is now hooked by electronic music.

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_Unusual Suspects_ compilation (2002)
(reference to film _The Usual Suspects_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache)

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_Twisted Sessions Vol. 1_ MixCD mixed by Tristan (2002)

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604 release _Twisted_ CDatomjacked inventory cache by internal linkHallucinogen on internal linkDragonfly (1996)

Hallucinogen - Twisted

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internal link_Wizard Of Oz_ reference on  internal linkvinyl etching on a release from Twisted records:

(a)"if you want to find the internal linkwizards of internal linktrance, follow the yellow brick road . . .
(b) but clicking your heels will not save you now."

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Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry 12" (pink vinyl)

Neil Landstrumm - Understanding Disinformation 12inch x2 on Tresor Quirk - The Sound/Dynamic Twist 12inch on Plusquam (2002)
Metallica - Master Of Puppets Psychic TV - Live At The Berlin Wall II onTemple (1990)

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external linkTwisted

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