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UFOs over China in 1974

Unidentified Flying Object

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internal link1947 - UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) make headlines. Boise, Idaho, businessman Kenneth Arnold, 32, claims to have seen nine shiny, internal linkpulsating objects internal linkflying over the Cascade Mountains at speeds of up to 1,700 miles per hour while flying his two-seat plane from Chehalis to Yakima June 24. "They seemed to be alive in the center, to have the ability to change their density," he says, the Civil Aeronautics Administration expresses doubts that "anything would be flying that fast," other UFO sightings are reported, some 15 million Americans will claim to have seen UFOs in the next 25 years, more than half of all Americans will say they believe in the existence of such objects which many will say are manned by creatures from other planets, but professional airline pilots will have more mundane explanations.

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Information in formation

What's the mission? To spread the millennialism at the heart of internal linkinformation. At the wacko internal linkfringe of a wacko phenomenon, you find a mutant equivalence of identity and information, as if the glut of data and images that continues to reinternal linkwire the postmodern subject is only the leading edge of a much greater transformation. Though characterized in many ways, the new space we are moving toward is the space of information itself—nonlinear, disembodied, complex, synthetic. Bashar calls it the "fourth density," wherein one experiences that "everything is interconnected holographically; everything is the same one thing manifesting in all the different, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional ways that it can—simultaneously." In one of _The Starseed Transmissions's_ most remarkable passages, the channeled beings say of their  gnostic proclamations: "This new information is not additional data that you will act upon. It is, rather, the very internal linkreality of your new nature. You are not to act upon my information in the future, you are to be my information yourselves." These internal linkalien angels are telling us something  computer junkies already know: the degree to which we truly live in cyberspace is the degree to which we identify ourselves with information. Perhaps the UFO is nothing more than the  pied piper of internal linkhyperspace. Flying pie tins, internal linkconspiracies, and anal probes are nothing more than lures, bobbing plastic worms that tantalize us just enough so that we will look up, and slowly  ascend to the edge of the world.

Erik Davis - _My Favorite Martians - A UFO Epistomology_

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Close Encounters Of The Third Kind directed by Steven Spielberg Unknown Object at 604...
Pink Floyd - Saucerful Of Secrets

Squarepusher - _UFO's Over Leytonstone_
UFO! - The Future Is Listening on Thermal (2001) UFO or Die - Cassettetape Superstar on Public Bath (2000)

Photek - Form And Function on Science (1998) Higher Intelligence Agency & Pete Namlook - S.H.A.D.O.2._ on FAX (1999)

PhaseOne - _UFO_

Marco Passarani - Unspeakable Future Outbreak on Hymen (1999) Flying Saucer Attack - Further on Drag City (1995)
Acid Mothers Temple And The Melting Paraiso UFO - Wild Gals A Go Go (2000)

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Regardless of what mainstream science thinks of them, UFO observations continue to pile up---by the tens of thousands. In fact, like the internal linkCrop Circles events, UFO reports are increasing in number and strangeness. It doesn't matter that the UFOs and their alleged occupants may not be physically real. There are tens of thousands of people who think that they have observed something strange --- even after all hoaxes and misinterpretations of natural phenomena have been culled out. Most of those who are willing to accept UFOs as valid phenomenon think they are real hardware piloted by extraterrestrials.
Crop Circle Jacques Vallee

internal linkJ. Vallee, a computer scientist and prolific writer on the subject, demurs, and he gives five reasons why:


"(1) Unexplained internal linkclose encounters are far more numerous than required for any physical survey of the earth; (2) The humanoid body structure of the alleged 'aliens' is not likely to have originated  on  another planet and is not biologically adapted to space travel; (3) The reported behavior in thousands of abduction reports contradicts the hypothesis of genetic or scientific experimentation on humans by an advanced race; (4) The extension of the phenomenon throughout recorded history demonstrates that UFOs are not a contemporary phenomenon; and (5) The apparent ability of UFOs to manipulate space and time suggests radically different and richer alternatives."

If not extraterrestrial hardware, what are the UFOs? Vallee has three suggestions: (1) they are "earth internal linklights" a la P. Devereux; that is, an unappreciated terrestrial phenomenon that impresses mental images on the minds of observers; (2) They are artifacts of a "control system" operated by a nonhuman intelligence or, perhaps, a internal linkGaia like manifestation of internal linksupernature (of which we are a tiny part) that is trying to modify our behavior; and (3) They are apparitions caused by entities manipulating space and time; viz,. time travellers from our own past and/or future. (Vallee, Jacques F.; "Five Arguments against the Extraterrestrial Origin of Unidentified Flying Objects," Journal of Scientific Exploration, 4:105, 1990.)

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Ingress portal
UFO rock

UFO rock
Latitude: 39.557788
Longitude: -104.902936
Elevation: 1,774.30 meters

880-884 Altair Dr, Lone Tree, CO 80124, USA

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the transpersonal component of the human psyche

In probing the Other we shall always come back with images of ourselves. In probing ourselves we shall return with images of the Other. In the phenomenon of being itself no less than in the phenomenon of the UFO encounters we are merely privileged observers of a relationship between what is naively called the world and the transpersonal portion of the human psyche. How this relationship came to be, and what its limitations are, we cannot know until we gain access to the transpersonal and a-temporal part of the psyche. Of what this consists we do not know and no hypothesis can be ruled out. My hunch is that if we could really comprehend death then we could understand the UFO.  But that neither can be understood unless they are looked at in light of the question, what is humanness?
Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always

I believe that the transpersonal component of the human psyche is not distinct from matter and that therefore it can literally do anything. It is not subject to the will of any individual. It has a will and an understanding that is orders of magnitude more sophisticated than any one of the individuals who compose it as cells compose a body. It has a plan, glimpsed by individuals only as vision or religious hierophany. Nevertheless, the plan is unfolding.  There will be many more UFO sightings, many more close internal linkcontacts. Our belief systems are undergoing  accelerated internal linkevolution via increased input from the other.

Somewhere ahead of us there is a critical barrier where we will at last have enough data to obtain an integrating insight into the riddle of humanity's relation to the UFO. I believe that as this happens the childhood of our species will pass away and when this is done we will be free to use the staggering understanding that humankind and the UFO are one.

Excerpts from the Talking Book version of internal linkTerence McKenna's _True Hallucinations_. This chapter was not included in the printed edition.   _Chapter 21: Open Ending_

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It is the genius of human technology to master and to serve the energies of life and death and internal linktime and space.  The UFO holds out the possibility of mind become object, a ship that can cross the universe in the time it takes to think about it.  Because that is what the universe is--a thought.  And when thought becomes mobile and objectified, then humanity--novices in the mastery of thought--will begin to set out.

True Hallucinations by Terence McKenna

Of course we may discover that we are not to set out; the future may reveal instead that there is something out there calling us home. Then it will be our technology and the call of the Other that will move toward meeting.  The saucer is an excellent metaphor for this. When internal linkJung suggested that the saucer was the human soul, he was more correct than he may have supposed. It is not so far away. That is the other thing.  The last shift of epochs gave us relativity theory and internal linkquantum mechanics.  Another epochal shift looms, but whether or not it is the final epoch is hard to say.  Our roles as parts of the internal linkprocess introduces an internal linkuncertainty in our observations that bedevils prediction.

Terence McKenna
(pages 199-203)

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Kenneth Grant, a British internal linkmagician, has made some -- to say the least --  astounding inferences about internal linkJack Parsonsinternal linkBabalon Working. He writes that: "The Working began in 1945-46, a few months before internal linkAleister Crowley's death in internal link1947, and just prior to the internal linkwave of unexplained aerial phenomena now recalled as the "Great Flying Saucer Flap." Parsons opened a door and something flew in...."

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track _I.F.O._ MP3atomjacked inventory cache by Hed (P.E.) off of s/t (1997)


Somewhere, somehow, somewhen
We'll see it happen again, my friend
A simple visitation gone wrong like back in internal link'47
Only this internal linktime we'll be on the scene like Kent Brockman
Or Sam Donaldson live in internal linkNew Mexico
But now you can't fool us
Now you can't lie or deny so much
It's obvious why none of us internal linktrust you
How does a flying disc turn into a weather balloon
How long did you think you could trick us with lies?
Can't put a cover on the skies
Can't hide that face or those big black eyes

So how you gonna put a cover up on the skies?

Realize, I'm not surprised at your deception
Correction, I welcome the challenge to intercept it
The message loud & clear
You think we fear it
Reverse it
Me & mine we will embrace it
So face it
I got the 411
I got the CNN
We on-line
TV & me we kin
My click is the mandelbrot set
My crops lie unbroken
Your hoaxes, a feeble attempt
Circle perfect, bring the revelation
Your realization far too many videotapes to go around erasin'
This ain't no J.F.K.
Check the I.F.O.-out the box
Fresh like sightings on FOX
Documenting the coming of the chariots
gods in the making, no more jiving
No more fakin' the internal linkreal
How long did you think you could trick us with lies
Tricks are forinternal linkpunks
Can't hide the face or those deep black eyes

How you gonna put a cover-up on the skies?

Great Pyramids Of Giza stoned circular... mayan glyph...
Take me to your leader
He don't even know you
We the niggaz of earth
Got to show you
The peckerwoods can't stand the site of the Africans
What are they gonna do when they face off with a gray man
Prepare to meet your maker in the skies over the internal linkpyramids
Check internal linkStonehenge
Go ask the internal linkMayans
internal link2012 soon come
I will be waitin' sayin' I told you so
When the skies are ripped open
And the mothership lands on your cynical ass
Maybe then you will believe & concede
That you can't hide the internal linksun
Can't hide the internal linkmoon
Can't keep some secrets so big
Yes, the truth must transcend
And when it does, my friend I will be chillin' by the TV
Rockin' with CNN
Yeah, my bong in hand
Surrounded by friends
When the world as we know it will end

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famous people who have had UFO sightings:

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internal linkUsenet: alt.binaries.ufo.files

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