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Uluru Close Encounters

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Uluru National Park

Uluru National Park, national park in the Northern Territory, internal linkAustralia. The park, 126,132 hectares (311,672 acres) in area, is owned by the Aborigines and leased to the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service. The park has two main features: the internal linkmonolith Uluru (previously called Ayers Rock) and a grouping of conglomerate rock domes known as Kata Tjuta (Olga Rocks). Uluru, the world's largest monolith (rock mass), is 348 m (about 1143 ft) high and about 9 km (about 6 mi) in circumference. Made of sandstone, Uluru is spectacular at sunset, when its color appears to change from red to purple. The tallest dome at Kata Tjuta is about 546 m (1791 ft) high.

Uluru Bird's Eye Uluru Close Encounter - photo by Ben Uluru closeup

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Australia’s Ayers Rock is the largest rock in the world.  It rises out of the middle of the country with a circumference of 5 ½ miles around its base and a height of 1,000 feet.

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Time: Sunrise, February 13, 1988
Place: Ayer's Rock, Central Australia

The internal linksun rises, illuminating the land and the several thousand gather at the base of the sacred, ochra-red mountain. Here, whites and aborigines alike prepare together for a sunrise ceremony, collecting wood for the large fire started earlier. Some aboriginal tribal members are climbing the mountain alone. Others remain behind making offerings to Darama, the Great Spirit, through the non-stop buzzing drones of their internal linkdidgeridoos..their dead, internal linktermite-hollowed trees converted into musical instruments.

The white people have arrived from many parts of the world and are, for the most part, dressed in bright festive colors. Many aboriginies are dressed in white people's clothes except for those playing dijeridoos and others climbing the mountain. These are nude or half-dressed, painted in the traditional aboriginal x-ray style...skeleton style...bright, white spots and streaks...across dark, moving bodies.

The metallic humming of dijeridoos and the click-clack clapping of clapsticks infuse the air with the internal linktrance of the aboriginal internal linkdreamtime. Everyone here is busy learning their place. The whites are learning the ways of the aborigine. The aboriginals are learning the law of the mountain. The mountain is absorbing the interstellar beam of galactic internal linkinformation now arriving direct from the internal linkgalaxy's core at twenty-seven degrees Sagittarius. Deep inside the red mountain's cool hollow heart, a large internal linkelectric-blue crystal receives and refracts this cosmic signal...radiating it out the the aboriginal people climbing its skin...who, in turn, move the trembling internal linklight around the planet's surface.
information in formation Uluru shadow - photo by Ben


Meanwhile, back at the foot of Ayer's Rock (Uluru), thousands of whites and blacks gather around to hear the invocation of a chief aboriginal elder. "This is the working of the ceremony to save theinternal linkgreen ants, the aboriginal people and the dreamtime that holds the world together. The white people are too young to know this and too old to understand. Yet, you must listen to these words now and hear with your hearts, the singing of the mountain. The mountain sings. It sings like it has never sung before...it is singing now for you...for us...for every living creature on this beautiful Earth. The mountain sings its first and last song. The music comes from far, far away yet it is inside you...inside the mountain...inside the trees...inside the rising internal linksun...inside the stars...inside the little pebbles in the river... inside the kangaroo...inside the green ants...inside your mother...inside your father...the song is singing by itself inside every living thing. Now, the mountain sings to keep the world alive. When you hear the song inside your hearts, sing back to the mountain. Sing back to the mountain...sing back to the mountain..."

To the backdrop soundtrack of a hundred dijeridoos and clapsticks, thousands of people sound a rainbow chorus of tones, chants and melodies... internal linkcadencing into an aural patchwork of multitudinous wordless song.

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