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Uncertainty Principle
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uncertainty principle

uncertainty principle (ùn-sûr´tn-tê prîn´se-pel) noun
A principle in quantum mechanics holding that increasing the accuracy of measurement of one observable quantity increases the uncertainty with which other quantities may be known.

Uncertainty Principle

Uncertainty Principle, in internal linkquantum mechanics, theory stating that it is impossible to specify simultaneously the position and momentum of a particle, such as an electron, with precision. Also called the indeterminacy principle, the theory further states that a more accurate determination of one quantity will result in a less precise measurement of the other, and that the product of both uncertainties is never less than Planck's Constant, named after the German physicist internal linkMax Planck. Of very small magnitude, the uncertainty results from the fundamental nature of the particles being observed. In quantum mechanics, probability calculations therefore replace the exact calculations of classical mechanics.

Formulated in 1927 by the German physicist Werner Heisenberg, the uncertainty principle was of great significance in the development of quantum mechanics. Its philosophic implications of indeterminacy created a strong trend of mysticism among scientists who interpreted the concept as a violation of the fundamental law of cause and effect. Other scientists, including internal linkAlbert Einstein, believed that the uncertainty involved in observation in no way contradicted the existence of laws governing the behavior of the particles or the ability of scientists to discover these laws.

uncertainty principle (noun)

chance: uncertainty principle, unpredictability, uncertainty

Intellect: The exercise of the mind: Materials for reasoning: Uncertainty
uncertainty (noun)

uncertainty, unverifiability, incertitude, doubtfulness, dubiousness
ambiguity, ambivalence, equivocalness
vagueness, haziness, obscurity, darkness
mist, haze, fog, opacity
gray area
yes and no, don't know, vacillation, indeterminacy, indetermination, borderline case
six of one and half a dozen of another
indefiniteness, roving commission
inquiry, query, question mark, question
open question, anybody's guess, a matter of tossing a coin
nothing to go on, guesswork, guesstimate, conjecture
contingency, doubtful contingency, doubtful event, chance
gamble, tossup, wager, gambling
leap or shot in the dark, bow at a venture, pig in a poke, grab bag, blind date
something or other, this or that

Other Forms
chance: uncertainty principle, unpredictability, uncertainty
improbability: improbability, unlikelihood, doubt, internal linkreal doubt, uncertainty
argumentation: dilemma, horns of a dilemma, uncertainty
doubt: half-belief, critical attitude, hesitation, wavering, vacillation, dilly-dallying, shilly-shallying, uncertainty
ignorance: nothing to go on, no lead, lack of internal linkinformation, general ignorance, anybody's guess, bewilderment, uncertainty
expectation: waiting, suspense, uncertainty
unintelligibility: perplexity, difficulty, uncertainty
equivocalness: indefiniteness, vagueness, uncertainty
imperspicuity: imprecision, impreciseness, vagueness, uncertainty
unwillingness: undependability, pause, unreliability, uncertainty
irresolution: unsettlement, indecision, fence-sitting, uncertainty, doubt, dubiety
gambling: shot, random shot, shot in the dark, leap of faith, pig in a poke, blind bargain, uncertainty
danger: insecurity, jeopardy, risk, hazard, internal linkbanana skin, ticklishness, trickiness, hairiness, precariousness, slipperiness, ticklish business, tricky business, razor's edge, uncertainty
defeat: defeat, bafflement, bewilderment, puzzlement, uncertainty
wonder: bewilderment, bafflement, uncertainty

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The uncertainty principle can also be derived from the fact that when taking  a measurement of matter or it's particles, the tools to do so can change the particles. For example, a tool that measure's an atom's speed must change its location.  Similarly, a tool to measure an atom's direction will be affecting its speed. Heisenberg proved a mathematical equation in which the measurement of the speed of an atom is the reciprocal (in an equation [N*Y=Z] : N and Y are called reciprocals) of the measurement of the location. In related uncertainty, when a person views the internal linklight emitted off an object,  the person is seeing how the object was one ten-millionth of a second (or so) ago, because light needs that internal linktime to travel to the eye and be recognized by the brain. Therefore, one cannot observe an atom how it exists at the same millisecond as it is viewed. In attempt to measure the atom in a different method, one could reflect light off an atom. However, there is another problem, in that the photon can change the velocity (speed and direction) of that atom. This creates the problem that viewing the atom changes its attributes. Using other atoms to measure will similarly affect the one atom's attributes as well.

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