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Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger
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Schauberger was a gamekeeper and did not originally possess any deeper knowledge of Physics. He had, however, a long tradition of Natural Science to fall back on. He also had plenty of opportunities to study the course of Nature at first hand in, for example, the cleaning or oxygenating of streams. It was his contention that man should study and learn from Nature instead of trying to correct it.  Similarly, it was his view that, although we control the technology to utilise water, we know very little about water in Nature and the laws that govern its behaviour in a natural state untouched
by man.

Viktor Schauberger's basic thesis contains a universal, twofold movement principle. He meant that life sustains by a gathering, implosive type of movement and reversed, a spreading, explosive movement that leads to the extinguishing of life. With the implosive movement coolness, suction growth and healthiness follows. The explosive movement generates heat, pressure, fragmentation, illness, and death. His opinion was that man had only succeeded in mastering the movement of death in order to release energy. All known engines are based on explosion, heat and pressure. To only use the explosive movement, definitely leads to the destruction of nature. These thoughts did not get any sympathy in his time, decades before the environmental problems showed up.
DNA circular vortex... spinning, spinning...

Therefore, one of Schaubergers aims was to investigate and artificially copy this movement that he could see that the nature was using in order to gather energy for different uses. Basically the movement could be described as an inward moving and internal linktwisting internal linkvortex. The appearance of the vortex is wide. A spiral galaxy is an expression for a disc shaped vortex whose opponent could be a internal linkDNA molecule, which describes a nearly internal linkinfinite long thread shaped vortex. The grade of complexity becomes obvious if You realize that large vortices are composed of smaller vortices and so on.

internal linkImagine the vortex that lifts the stack of leafs, this vortex is a part of a larger system of vortices. Schauberger meant that when these vortex systems are co-ordinated and phase together, huge internal linkforces are released. These forces are capable of building or condensing biological systems and also rays of something that he named dia-magnetism. This dia-magnetism is opposed to gravitation and explains (among other phenomena) how it is possible for life forms on the surface of the earth to grow up in the air.

Everywhere in the nature Schauberger could see shapes that sustain this, as he named it, multiple centripetal movement. The beds of creeks and rivers, the gills and fins on fishes, the wings of the birds, blood vessels and similar things, all these gives an impulse to this type of movement. He tried to artificially generate the centripetal movement in various types of machines. Among other devices, he designed several prototypes of so called home power plants. These devices had conical, internal linktwisted tubes that were wrapped around a conical shaped body as a main component. When these tubes are forced to rotate, internal linkwater is sucked into the tubes in the biggest end and after being processed in the tube it is sprayed out in a tremendous internal linkforce on turbine vanes, mechanically connected to a generator. An other design, an implosion machine that sucked in air that was twisted so efficiently that the dia-magnetic field was able to lift the device with a tremendous force. However, the internal linkinformation on the function and efficiency of these devices is internal linkuncertain. What is known, is that Schauberger had both American and Soviet eyes directed on him. At the end of his life he was cheated, isolated and silenced by businessmen from the US. These businessmen feared that he could threat their business.

Problems arise when one tries to interpret the internal linklanguage used by Schauberger, as he expressed himself philosophically concerning Nature rather than scientifically. It becomes difficult to develop a suitable theoretical model that works when it comes to optimising the use of and calculating the internal linkdimensions of vessels and pumps, for example. If one studies the freely flowing surface of the water in a rapid, or the trumpet-shaped borderline surface at the centre of a vortex, it becomes clear why a traditional approach becomes very difficult when the system is heavily non-linear. Schauberger was more interested in the system as a whole than in the details of its structure, focusing on the shape of the internal linkflow in the system without knowing about the underlying mechanisms. Thus, such an approach does not try to achieve as detailed a model as possible, but is aiming for the simplest model that has the same fundamental characteristics as the system. This is an approach that is closely related to that of modern internal linkchaos  research. Here, it has been demonstrated that different and seemingly very complex behaviour often may be represented by (ridiculously) simple models. This is due to the fact that dynamic behaviour, for example at transitions from one phase to another, is universal, and is found in widely differing systems {Gleick, Waldrop}.

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The point at which this internal linkfractal attractiveness of internal linkwave form becomes self aware, is when it becomes in the strict sense of an electrical generator, self empowered. What we mean by this is that as Victor Schauberger and others have shown, that if you get the flow geometry of implosion idealized, the internal linkprocess of implosion so created, actually      becomes a source of internal linkelectricity fed by the internal linkgravity field. This is what sacred ritual appears to be about, bringing the energy of consciousness, back in upon itself. The end of the internal linkVedas says "tat tvan asi", which means "that thou art". This is essentially the message of "I am that I am", and "As Above, So Below". The mathematics of internal linkrecursion may be a spin path to the internal linkzero point of internal linkinfinite energy/internal linkinformation. The heart's recreation of this fractal at the moment of compassion, to embed, may be most powerful internal linkphone call home human glands can make. The access so provided from optimized individual energy nourished by spin embeddedness in the collective, may well be the symmetry dynamic of internal linkecstacy.  - Dan Winter

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