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interdimensional vortex and spin networks


This nOde last updated August 15th, 2004 and is permanently morphing...
(9 Oc (Dog) / 13 Yaxk'in (New Sun) - 230/260 -

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vortex (vrtks) noun
plural vortexes or vortices (-t-sz)
1. A spiral motion of fluid within a limited area, especially a whirling mass of internal linkwater or air that sucks everything near it toward its center.
2. A place or situation regarded as drawing into its center all that surrounds it: "As happened with so many theater actors, he was swept up in the vortex of Hollywood" (New York Times).
[Latin vortex, vortic-, variant of vertex, from vertere, to turn.]

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vortex bong

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The power of the world always works in circles, the sky is round, and I have heard the earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars. The wind in its greatest power, whirls. Birds make their nests in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours. The internal linksun comes forth and goes down in a circle, the internal linkmoon does the same. And both always come back to where they were. The life of man is a circle from childhood to childhood. And so it is in everything where power moves."

                     - Black Elk Speaks 

Sol Luna

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Terence McKenna - the force will be with you... always. True Hallucinations by Terence and Dennis McKenna
Stonehenge Great Pyramids Of Giza

In _True Hallucinations_atomjacked inventory cacheinternal linkTerence McKenna describes his journey with his brother, Dennis, and several others to the Amazon basin, where they conduct an experiment in consciousness expansion using indigenous psychoactive internal linkmushrooms. 24 hours after their key experiment, during the night, Dennis went on a wild ramble in the surrounding jungle; or at least he believed that he did-nobody saw him go or return. Whatever the internal linkreality-status of the experience, he had wandered into the jungle and found an especially tall tree.

On impulse, he had climbed it, aware as he did that the ascent of the world tree is the central motif of the Siberian internal linkshamanic journey. As he climbed the tree, he felt the flickering polarities of many internal linkarchetypes, and as he reached the highest point of his ascent, something that he called "the vortex" opened ahead of him-a swirling, enormous doorway into internal linktime. He could see the Cyclopean megaliths of internal linkStonehenge and beyond them, revolving at a different speed and at a higher plane, the outlines of the internal linkpyramids, gleaming and marble-faceted as they have not been since the days of pharaonic internal linkEgypt. And yet further into the turbulent mass of the vortex he saw mysteries that were ancient long before the advent of man-titanic archetypal forms on worlds unimagined by us, the arcane machineries of sentient agencies that swept through this part of the galaxy when our planet was young and its surface barely cooled. This machinery, these gibbering abysses, touched with the cold of interstellar space and aeon-consuming time, rushed down upon him. He fainted, and time (who can say how much time) passed by him.

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my life is patterned after vortexes.  not internal linkintentionally of course... i feel calm while internal linkchaos swirls around me.  yet i'm in the center of it all... i have to be, since i am the internal linkperceiver.  and because i perceive, i create.  there is no getting around that.  i seem to be harnessing the most natural form of raw energy.  yet i do nothing. - @Om* 7/20/98

micro macro vortex

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intro to the tv show internal link_The Twilight Zone_ 

Light Cone Vortex

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The Oregon Vortex
near Gold-Hill, Grants Pass, Oregon, USA.

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orange vortex spiral

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Vortex Campaign / Coil / New Blockaders: DOLBIED
      x CS      1984    VC                                              BE
        CS      198?    RRRecords                                    US

The tracks have no titles and are each credited to one of the three involved groups. Two tracks are credited to internal linkCoil.

The initial release was a limited edition of 50 copies packaged in  a cloth bag with cards of visuals by Vortex Campaign. The re-release is a bootleg.


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_The internal linkSimpsons internal linkHalloween Special (AKA: Treehouse of Horror)_      [Aired October 25, 1990] Season 2/Episode 4

  • Bart and Lisa swap three horror stories in their tree house:

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    Ingress portal

    sonic vortex Richmond Virginia Ingress portal
    internal linksonic vortex
    Latitude: 37.573944
    Longitude: -77.484410
    Elevation: 61.87 meters

    sonic vortex Richmond Virginia Ingress portal
    4105 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23230, USA

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    _Finnegans Wake_ by internal linkJames Joyce - p. 293

    Finnegans Wake by James Joyce - p. 293 vesica piscis

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    Viktor Schauberger

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