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Wire looking left


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wire (wr) noun
1. A usually pliable metallic strand or rod made in many lengths and diameters, sometimes clad and often electrically insulated, used chiefly for structural support or to conduct internal linkelectricity.
Electrical generators

2. A group of wire strands bundled or internal linktwisted together as a functional unit; cable.
3. Something resembling a wire, as in slenderness or stiffness.
4. An open internal linktelephone connection.
5. Slang. A hidden microphone, as on a person's body or in a building.
6. a. A telegraph service. b. A telegram or cablegram.
7. Computer Science. A pin in the print head of a computer printer.
8. The screen on which sheets of paper are formed in a papermaking machine.
9. Sports. The finish line of a racetrack.
10. wires a. The system of strings employed in manipulating puppets in a show. b. Hidden controlling influences.
11. Slang. A pickpocket.
12. Fencing made of usually barbed wire.

wired, wiring, wires verb, transitive
1. To bind, connect, or attach with wires or a wire.
2. To string (beads, for example) on wire.
3. To equip with a system of electrical wires.
4. Slang. To install electronic eavesdropping equipment in (a room, for example).
5. To send by telegraph: internal linkwired her congratulations.
6. To send a telegram to.

verb, intransitive
To send a telegram.

- idiom.
down to the wire Informal.
To the very end, as in a race or contest.
under the wire
1. Sports.. At the finish line.
2. Informal.. Just in the nick of time; at the last moment.
[Middle English, slender metal rod, from Old English wr.]

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_Pink Flag_ 12"atomjacked inventory cache on Harvest/internal linkEMI/Captiol (1977)

Wire - Pink Flag Bark Psychosis - Game Over on 3rd Stone (1997)

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_On Returning (1977-1979)_ CDatomjacked inventory cache on Restless Retro/internal linkEMI (1989)

Wire - On Returning

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_Chairs Missing_ 12" (black marble vinyl) on Harvest (1978)

Wire - Chairs Missing 12" (1978) Wire - Chairs Missing 12" (black marble vinyl)

Wire - I Am The Fly 7" (1978)

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_154_ 12" on Harvest (1979) - named after the number of live gigs played up to that point

Wire - 154 12inch on Harvest (1979)


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_A Bell Is A Cup Until It Is Struck_ CD (1988)

Wire - A Bell Is A Cup Until It Is Struck
_Silk Skin Paws_ MP3 (vK)atomjacked inventory cache

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Wire - I Am The Fly 7 Wire - Mannequin 7 Wire - Manscape

Wire - Dot Dash 7"
Wire - Map Ref. 41N 93W  7 Wire - the actual map ref. 41N 93W, north of the confluence

view to the north at the confluence 41 degrees north, 93 degrees west located in Monroe, Iowa USA - approximate altitude 274 meters (898 ft.)

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COH - Netmork CD on Source Research (2002) Arpanet - Wireless Internet on Source (2002)
Brian Eno's tape recorder Ohm
Calexico - A Feast Of Wire on Quarterstick (2003) Add N To X - On The Wires Of Our Nerves 12inch x2 on Satellite (1998)
Pixies - Bossanova 12" (cover)

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