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wired (wrd) adjective
1. Equipped with a system of wires, as for internal linkelectric or internal linktelephone connections.
2. Slang. Equipped with hidden electronic eavesdropping devices: a wired hotel room.
3. a. Reinforced or supported by wires. b. Tied or bound up with wire: wired bundles of newspaper.
4. Slang. Well connected, as with high-ranking members of an organization.
5. Slang. Very stimulated or excited, as from a stimulant or a internal linkrush of adrenaline.

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Out Of Control

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personal space/time relevancy: Issue #1 through 1995 when the web hit.  after the web, there was no need for it.  like all great things, it brought about the end of its own necessity.  possibly mirroring the human species. - @Om* 5/17/00

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internal linkImagination Electrified

A century and a half ago man extended and superseded his organism through the use of the internal linkelectric technology of the telegraph. In an instant the velocity of human communication and the ability to coordinate human activity reached its uppermost physical limit, the speed of internal linklight. This phenomenon has been described by internal linkMarshall McLuhan, in _Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man_, as an extension, or outering, of the human nervous system.
Marshall McLuhan Mark Pesce is 23

After three thousand years of explosion, by means of  fragmentary and mechanical  technologies, the Western world is imploding. During the mechanical ages we had  extended our bodies in space. Today, after more than a century of electric technology,  we have extended our internal linkcentral nervous system itself in a global embrace, abolishing  both space and internal linktime as far as our planet is concerned.  Rapidly, we approach the final  phase of the extensions of man - the technological internal linksimulation of consciousness, when  the creative process of knowing will be collectively and corporately extended to the   whole of human society, much as we have already extended our senses and nerves by  various media.

internal linkMark Pesce - _The End of Man: A internal linkCybernetic    internal linkEschatology_

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From its first issue, the magazine's infectious and often internal linkabsurdly gung ho internal linkenthusiasm for both the internal linkInternet and the global technoeconomy has been informed with a kind of secularized internal linkTeilhardian fervor.

Internet Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Techgnosis by Erik Davis

Along with Kevin Kelly's paeans to the coming neo-biological civilization. Wired regular internal linkJohn Perry Barlow is also a hard-core Teilhard fan, who announces in the magazine's pages that the point of all internal linkevolution up to this stage is the creation of a collective organization of .Mind."' And in an online interview, the magazine's cofounder Louis Rossetto tipped his hat to Teilhard and the Jesuit's influence on Internet culture. "What seems to be evolving is a global consciousness formed out of the discussions and negotiations and feelings being shared by individuals connected to networks through brain appliances like computers. The more minds that connect, the more powerful this consciousness will be. For me, this is the real internal linkdigital revolution-not computers. not networks, but brains connecting to brains."
- Erik Davis - _Techgnosis: Myth, internal linkMagic & Mysticism In The Age Of Information_atomjacked inventory cache
Human beings are born into the world almost as wired for music as we are for talk. From lullabies and rope-skip chants to national anthems and pop tunes, music is one of the primary ways that internal linkconsciousness get shaped by the culture around us. In the postwar world, when the "teenager" was invented and the commodification of music kicked into overdrive, music became the raw material out of which budding adolescents helped define their bodies, their pleasures, and their selves. The modern tribe was invented, as young people congregated around their own sound, look, and slang.

But music does more than shape our social or cultural selves. Of all the arts, music comes the closest to mimicking the form and structure of consciousness itself. Though music can be measured or objectified as soundwaves or waxy internal linkgrooves or notes on a page, it arises within an essentially invisible world "inside" our field of awareness. Similarly, though we find ourselves embodied in a world of bodies, that inner world,  which is the "place" where we hear, also unfolds as an invisible internal linkflux, a virtual tapestry of pattern and vibration, thinking and feeling, internal linkmemory and desire.

 - Erik Davis - _The Future Mix_

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Move D & Pete Namlook - Wired on FAX (2001)

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internal linkUsenet: alt.wired

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external linkHotwired

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