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Youth - Butterfly

This nOde last updated March 22nd, 2005 and is permanently morphing...
(7 Muluk (Water) / 12 Kumk'u - 189/260 -

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Everybody's youth is a internal linkdream, a form of chemical madness.
F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940), U.S. author. John, in The Diamond as Big as the Ritz, ch. 11 (1922). Kismine replies, "How pleasant then to be insane!"

youth (yth) noun
plural youths (yths, ythz)
1. a. The condition or quality of being young. b. An early period of development or existence: a nation in its youth.
2. The time of life between childhood and maturity.
3. a. A young person, especially a young male in late adolescence. b. (used with a sing. or pl. verb). Young people considered as a group.
4. Geology. The first stage in the erosion cycle.
[Middle English youthe, from Old English geoguth.]

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The Universe Is A Green Dragon by Brian Swimme

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"You're caught in a labyrinth of choice and possibility in the world today so you have more opportunity to express your desire, fulfill your desire, sin if you like.  The thin line between paradise and The Devil's Circus .  The agony and the internal linkecstasy.  I try to internal linkresonate this."

- Youth 

Zodiac Youth - Devil's Circus

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real name:
 Martin Glover


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"We did internal linkdance remixes of internal linkKilling Joke and I think we were one of the first sort of punk or rock groups to start doing that.  We were always into disco and stuff like that.  I started making industrial records as they call them now around 1983/84 with Ben Watkins from internal linkJuno Reactor, under the name The Empty Quarter.  We did two albums.  That was very hard edged electronic dance music.  Goa Gil still plays one of those tunes out now funny enough.  And I was doing other things like Portion Control, internal link23 Skidoo, and 400 Blows (reference film directed by Francois Truffault) around 1983/84/85.  That was pretty much the alternative dance scene at the internal linktime.  There weren't many other bands around.  And I was always into production so I was producing and remixing alot then as well.  The dance scene didn't really kick off for me until the mid-late eighties with the band called Brilliant on the pop dance scene.  Again we were doing some quite experimental stuff.  And when Andy Weatherall and Alex Patterson started kicking in along with Danny Rampling and the house scene in 86/7 there was a scene.

- from interview Youth Of The Galaxy  from internal link_Dream Creation Magazine_ Oct/Nov 1997atomjacked inventory cache

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The Sugarcubes

Drummer Siggi Baldursson (born Sigtryggur Baldursson, October 2, 1962) was a member of Theyer, whose most prominent international moment came in 1982, when they recorded with Youth and internal linkJaz Coleman of Killing Joke.

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Juno Reactor studio - Ben Watkins Total Eclipse The KLF - White Room

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Star Sounds Orchestra - Psy Force

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Kiss - Destroyer
Melvins - Electroretard 12" (2001)
Melvins - Electroretard 12" (lime green vinyl)

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post punk/college rock/noise rock/art rock entity Sonic Youth

Richard Edson drumming for Sonic Youth Richard Edson as Vito in Do The Right Thing Richard Edson in Ferris Beullers Day Off
Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation 12"x2 (1988)

Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation 12"x2 innercover
Sonic Youth - Sister 12" back cover
Sonic Youth - Sister 12" (purple vinyl)

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Orb - Aubrey Remixes - The Ultraworld Excursions on Big Life (1991) Gong - You remixed
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